Spring and Kyleigh

Kyleigh and I have been having loads of fun this spring. So much fun, I never remember to write about it. Seriously, who wants to sit at a computer and type out how much fun you’re having when you could be living it???? Continue reading

Pet Hair Dryers

Have you ever had to blow dry your dog? And not burn it?

Kyleigh has lots of fur, and a couple of weeks ago I burned out MY hair dryer trying to dry her off.

This started me on my search for a pet hair dryer. Google had about 6 MILLION results for me to choose from. Checked out some of them from the states. Great prices, til I put in my postal code. A $100 purchase went up to $200. Back to Google and narrowed the search to Canada. Got it down to 4 MILLION. Spent a couple of minutes on the first page and found Ren’s Grooming Supplies. Continue reading

Spring is in the air!

And dogs are going bonkers!

Kyleigh and her best friend Ruby, have been making sure they are experiencing the best of mud, slush and of course, freezing cold water!

Here’s a great gallery of pics of the dogs having a blast … as usual! Continue reading

Global Warming and Bon Jovi

I’m not a specialist in what’s happening on our planet, but the phrase Global Warming just doesn’t cut it with me … not after the last three months of living in Ottawa. A friend and I were discussing this and decided that Climate Change would have been a better phrase. Continue reading

Parking in downtown Ottawa

Along with not taking the bus for many years, parking downtown, during the week day is also something I have not had the pleasure of doing.

Friday I had a doctor’s appointment and decided to take my car into work that day. I was leaving at one, and didn’t want the hassle of the bus …  if you don’t know what hassles I mean, read my previous post, you’ll get my drift! Continue reading


Many many moons ago I used to take OC Transpo to work. It was ok, not my preferred method, but the bus stop was close, only took one bus, and it was certainly cost effective.

I recently started a new contract and am back working downtown (haven’t been downtown in over 6 years).   My initial thought was to find parking … GASP … $250 average to park a car in the downtown core.  REALLY?  And they don’t do valet parking, or wash the car for you either … and no mint on the seat. $250 for 8 hours … I can rent a hotel room for less.  ABSURD! Continue reading

Grocery Store at the Off Leash Parks

Here’s the second reason I hate treat training. I take Kyleigh to off leash parks all the time. Some days, I feel like I’m walking in to a grocery store. The amount of food / treats that people are handing out to their dogs stuns me.

I’ve watched people call their dog 3 times, 4 times, 5 times, and then the dog FINALLY CHOOSES to come to them, and they give it a treat. WHAT?  What are you rewarding the dog for? Because it CHOSE to come back at his discretion / timing? Continue reading


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